kemble the band:

“work this thing out”


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Jake Kemble and Halen Becker are both songwriters/vocalists/multi-instrumentalists. Their carefully crafted songs have a positive energy that transcends thru to the audience, making their dual voiced harmonies as compelling as the songwriting. Both are from Iowa, Jake from Lake Panorama and Halen from Urbandale. Jake started playing guitar in high school and writing songs in his parent’s basement around 2012. He went thru a few early band configurations and then formed his band Kick thereafter and decided to expand on his vocal abilities, song writing, and stage presence. Ironically, Halen saw Jake play at a local event when they were both about 13 years old but didn’t actually meet. A few years later Halen again saw Jake perform with his band at that time, The Knobs when they were about 16 years old at a 7Flags Event Center and still didn’t connect. The following year they finally met face to face at a party at Drake University where Halen studied, via Kick bassist Adam Dooley. Upon finally meeting Halen with her background in theater; singing, acting, dancing this seemed to be a logical step to combine their varied abilities to explore writing and playing together. They are quickly proving themselves to be a band worthy of the attention they are getting. Their goals and mutual interest in pop/rock/folk are inspiring them to pursue their creative abilities for storytelling through song and playing live. Keep your eye on the band. Their adventure is just beginning. On their way to world recognition the duo plan to release their EP “Work This Thing Out” and a national tour is being planned for 2020.