Kick is a group created in 2012 by Jake Kemble to be geared towards electric rock music.  The name Kick is a nod to Jake’s experience in Taekwondo, a form of Korean Martial Arts focusing on head-height kicks, jumping/spinning kicks and fast foot kicking techniques. Over a span of six years, Kick, in its various carnations has rocked hundreds of shows and produced a handful of studio EP’s. 

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Adam Dooley

Adam Dooley is a musician from Panora, Iowa. He has worked in various genres as a producer and performer. Recently finishing up his work on the producing team of Pretty Woman: The Musical on Broadway, he returned to Iowa to pursue music and performing with Jake Kemble, his multi-bandmate in groups such as Kick and Off the Rocker.


Jake Kemble

Jake Kemble is an American Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist /Multi-instrumentalist who began his journey as a songwriter fronting the rock group Kick, which has has produced two studio ep’s and played hundreds of shows in the US. This dynamic songwriter, from Lake Panorama, Iowa is out continuously performing both acoustically and with his rock band.


Derek Billick

Derek Billick is an American Drummer/Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter who spent a majority of his early life behind a drum kit, learning to sing as well as picking up bass guitar/guitar later on. At age 19, Derek launched his musical career as lead guitarist/singer for rock band “The Knobs” and soon after founded/fronted the group Black Star Alliance.

🎼jake kemble’s Got the goal to express the rock and roll soul🎼