Jake Kemble is an American Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter born on May 11th, 1994. It only took strapping on his first off-brand Les Paul at age 12 to know that he was born to rock the world. 

Mastering a high flying rock performance and developing a keen ear for a great pop hook, Jake pressed on to support acts such as Meat Puppets, Foxy Shazam, Warrant, Skid Row, Night Ranger, Dokken, and Sweet. World known percussionist Alex Acuna (Paul McCartney, Elvis,Roy Orbison, U2) jammed songs on stage with Jake in Minneapolis (2017).

The creative flow is electric and the music just keeps coming as Kemble the band is touring the Midwest with their space age pop sensible rock show. (The band is Jake Kemble on guitar/loops/vocals and Halen Becker on Drums/Vocals)

A new single with record producer Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, Envy Corps) is planned for release in 2019. (For lovers of ELO, The Strokes, Queen, MGMT)

Stay tuned and ready for more from Kemble.

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