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4/1/17: SEEN AND HEARD: Rochester's The Modern Era plays opener for Meat Puppets :

The Modern Era is a Minneapolis rock band with Rochester roots.

Band members Ben and Nick Pelowski are both from Rochester — brothers who graduated from John Marshall High School and both have been playing guitar for 10 to 15 years.

Over the years, The Modern Era has toured predominantly in the Midwest and plays a lot of different venues in the Twin Cities (and throughout Rochester — they've played Kathy's Pub numerous times and have been an opening act at a Down by the Riverside concert) but the band just wrapped up a West Coast tour as the opening act for the Meat Puppets.

The band had a five-piece lineup on tour, made up of Jack Swagger (vocals), Ben Pelowski (vocals/guitar) and Nick Pelowski (vocals/bass), Jake Kemble (guitar), and Bob Joslin (drums). The band played in Portland, Ore., Seattle and Spokane, Wash., Boise, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Flagstaff, Ariz.

"We've gone on three- and five-day runs with them (the Meat Puppets) in the past and a few shorter tours, but nothing like this. This was amazing," Ben Pelowski said. "Everyone in the band proved that they could handle it and liked doing it. We've gone out on our own small tours before, but nothing was on this level. I think every show but one was sold out, and the show in Boise was a festival and that was as thoroughly packed as a show gets.

"We've played on the road before, but never to sold-out crowds night after night," he said.

The Modern Era released an EP, "Repeat Offender," last fall (the band's fourth EP) and they were able to showcase a lot of that music on the West Coast.

"We weren't playing anything we didn't have on a record, because we figured it would be best if we are playing in front of new crowds to have the music they hear be available immediately for purchase, so we had a set built of our full length disc and our newest EP," Pelowski said.

Along the tour, they made some great connections and opened the door for some great opportunities.

"While we were in Seattle we had Jack Endino out to the show (the producer of Nirvana's first record) and he loved us and invited us to record with him in Seattle, so that was amazing and seemed surreal," Pelowski said.

The bassist in the Meat Puppets also talked with them about the possibility of teaming up to record something for a future project as well, so it sounds like they have a lot of excitement on the horizon. http://www.postbulletin.com/life/lifestyles/seen-and-heard-rochester-s-the-modern-era-plays-opener/article_61c86bb1-a353-5ae0-80c2-69426e1d6bfb.html


Just as the first snow started to fall upon the Twin Cities, the new and up and coming band Boomtown Riot hit the stage. That is of course, after a “fat” Spiderman got the crowd pumped and ready for their set. Once the band was introduced by your friendly neighborhood superhero, the night took off in a very electric manor.

Frontman, Jake Kemble, led Boomtown Riot with moves that Mick Jagger himself couldn’t fathom. With his microphone moves and Pete Townshend akin jumps, Kemble had the crowd dancing, singing and or hanging on the edge of their seat. To go along with Kemble, Boomtown Riot, had professional level vocal harmonies, what the band could pull off was absolutely remarkable. They made it extremely clear almost instantly that there is no other band that wants it more in a thousand mile radius.

This show was celebrating Boomtown Riot’s first EP Release, the self titled Boomtown Riot. The group played an impressive twelve song set with one encore song. Throughout the night the band proved that they were not a one trick pony. The sounds and styles of each song were drastically different from one another, so they had something for everyone. Boomtown Riot opened with their song “9 Words”. The crowd was instantaneously pulled in for the ride. After ten more songs they closed their set with the hardest rocking song of the night, “Repeater”, which sent the crowd into a mosh pit fitting for the 7th Street Entry.

LINK : http://twincitiesmedia.net/blog/boomtown-riot-packs-entry-ep-release/




 Shutting down the Parkway with the final set of the evening was Jake Kemble’s newest project –Boomtown Riot. Twin Cities music fans may recognize Kemble from Kick, but he seems to have hit a new groove with Boomtown Riot. Their set was through the roof energy, ear-wormy tracks that are made to be sung a long to, and like XIII Arrows at bit of a larger than life feeling. It’s no doubt that Kemble is the frontman of Boomtown Riot – his Mick Jagger-esque strut, huge kicks and jumps and off-the-wall energy paired with his flawless vocals. The band is rounded out by Jeff Noller (keyboard/guitars), Jimmy Lyback(bass/vocals) and Jeremy Krueth (drums). Boomtown Riot Parkway Theater debut performance had a very mature, polished feeling, showing these guys are no newbies to the game. But they brought a freshness to The Parkway, that again, is not often seen on a Friday night outside the Entry, Fine Line, or Cabooze. It’s safe to say Boomtown Riot’s debut performance was a knock out. Stay tuned for plenty more from these guys along with a smashing EP.  http://twincitiesmedia.net/blog/xiii-arrows-ep-release-with-boomtown-riot-eagle-trace-and-more/


Kemble plans to pump out Original Music/Videos and Perform at Festivals for The Masses.  


Kemble would also be happy to join the right group that is seeking a Lead Guitarist.